xtpxlib-xoffice is part of the xtpxlib library. xtpxlib contains software for processing XML, using languages like XSLT and XProc. It consists of several separate components, all named xtpxlib-*. Everything can be found on GitHub (https://github.com/xatapult).

This component contains pipelines for converting Microsoft Office Word (.docx) and Excel (.xlsx) files to and from some more manageable XML formats.

Installation and usage information can be found on xtpxlib's main website https://www.xtpxlib.org.

Technical information:

Component documentation: https://xoffice.xtpxlib.org

License: GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE - Version 3, 29 June 2007

Git URI: git@github.com:xatapult/xtpxlib-xoffice.git

Git site: https://github.com/xatapult/xtpxlib-xoffice

This component depends on: